About An Awkward Attempt

Ever wanted to go on a lavish vacation? Obtain the secret to winning the Power Ball? Locate the fountain of youth? Well, I can’t help you with those things. However, I can offer a place for you to escape from the struggle of life’s daily routine.

We all need to get away every now and then, and budgets do not always allow for random beach vacations. An Awkward Attempt is a place where you can take a few minutes and escape from the daily grind.

This blog focuses on putting a comical spin on every day events and activities we encounter and go through. From folding laundry, to navigating freeways, and even celebrating victories at the grocery store. Current events and sports may also be discussed, along with posts dealing with real life stuff.

I also like to write fiction and have two novels in the works. I used to post twice a week until I decided to seriously pursue becoming a published author. Since I want to be a professional in every aspect of the game, my fiction projects and graduate studies take up most of my time and energy (actually, if I’m being truthful, my husband is the real reason my hair is frayed at the end of the day. He can be so demanding 😉  Love you, Cotton Boss.) I still post when I need to get stuff off my chest, or run across a rogue army of squirrels fighting over a Marie Calendar’s pie. To fill in the gaps between postings, checkout my archives. I have it somewhere on the right side of the website. You do the work.

So sit back, relax and take a load off. Or don’t. What do I care?


– S.A. Dees