Election Day Musings

It’s Election Day and I don’t have a lot to say about it other than I’m pretty sure everyone is as tired of this political cycle as last week’s leftovers. It’s dry, leaves a mysterious smell in the microwave, and there’s a good chance someone’s getting sick. I’ll pray for you if you pray for me.

Really though, it’s fine. Everything will be fine. No matter who wins today we still have the comforts of Congress to protect our little democracy souls. What’s that you say? Oh….

Let’s take a refresher course in how to say the Hail Mary, just to be safe.

In reality, I’m not really sure I have the luxury to worry about politics. I should. It’s my American duty, but Grad School starts Friday. I feel slightly pressured to give politics more than a damn’s worth of attention, especially when I’m surfing Twitter and see extremely important, life-altering companies like Air BnB doling out their grievances. Do I want to be a voter whose decision was based on the opinions of Air BnB? No, but I know there are those people out there. I’m still waiting for political candidates to hijack the backs of cereal boxes. Do you know how many more votes they’d garner with that type of campaign? More than they’re getting now with the paper mailers that go straight from my mailbox to the recycle bin. This isn’t a dumb idea, y’all, because at 29 years old I am still very comfortable in admitting that I think Cheerios are delicious. I had some this morning.

Don’t worry, I am voting today. I think it’s important. A lot of people fought a lot of wars, and a lot of women went through a lot of grief to give me the freedom to voice my opinion, so I’m going to use it. Even if that means I have to awkwardly stand in line with a bunch of strangers and hand over an ID that, despite my best attempts, will forever contain a photo of me that looks alarmingly similar to a mug shot. And we all love to complain, right? Seems like the second most important American duty behind voting is complaining, and voting is the only way to validate that.

I’m not going to tell you who I am voting for. I am not even 100% sure who my husband is voting for either, even after months of helping  watching him work to finish our basement. We’ve had a lot of discussions about paint color, counter material, and cabinet wood mixed in with some good old fashioned politics. It’s safe to say we’d easily give our votes to anyone who promises to lower the price of mattresses, because that shit is just cray.

Can y’all believe we’re so so so close to finishing an 8 month project in like 4 months? Yes, I hear you Jordan, even all the way over here. You get ALL the credit for this. Hands down. You are a handy man in the max, and I don’t know where Id’ be in this life without your skill and expertise. Probably in a leaky house somewhere with non-matching light fixtures.

I got an email from my University stating the English department is throwing an “Election Night watch party!” I’m not there yet so they’re just going to have to fend off all the looters without me. I have one more peer work to review and type comments on, and then some paragraphs to write out for my mentor discussing the things I want to work on and read over the next few months. I perused my residency schedule yesterday and immediately felt a desperate need to take a nap. I have a busy 9 days coming up, starting on Friday, but until then I have to make sure my husband won’t starve while I’m gone. If any of my neighbors are reading this, Id’ appreciate it if you could help out and ensure he doesn’t end up in the ER either. Neither starvation nor blood loss would be conducive to our 5 year plan.

This explains my longer than normal gaps in posting, and probably all future ones. But just like the election results tonight, I have confidence we’ll all be okay in the end. Whatever happens, I’m going to curl up in bed with Kurt Vonnegut and remember not to take things too seriously. In hindsight, I couldn’t have picked a better time to introduce myself to this particular author. Way to go, brain. There is hope for us yet.

See y’all on the flip side, and in the words of Edward Murrow…

“Good night, and good luck.”


– S.A. Dees

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  1. Ever since Dan introduced me to squirrel I have been seeing a bunch in the trees around the house, plus I have a stock pile of beer in the closet. I might not even have to go to the grocery store while you’re away.

    Country boy can survive!!!

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